Shadowy lounge terrace with soft lounge sofas and aroma of roses, lavender and rosemary. Fusion cuisine, culinary recitals usually attract our guests and those who like vacation at the Thyssen House.
To be in harmony with nature means to be a part of nature, we are what we eat, drink and breathe. The only way to happiness, health and longevity is to eat tasty and healthy food and choose organic products. Comfortable family restaurant welcomes our guests with fine European and Asian cuisines.
Crimean natural products, vegetables, salad of fresh vegetables, fresh black sea mussels, brine, fresh fish, exclusively fresh meat and poultry. Only such a philosophy is welcome in the Thyssen.
Family coziness and European service, the most sophisticated clients service experience. We are good at serving what we like and do with own hands, our labor and our care about you.

The first and the only so far eco-restaurant in Yalta offers our guests various and delicious cuisine with natural Crimean products. Mostly we grow the products or buy them at private farms of the Crimean Peninsula. We have goat cheese, brynza (white cheese) and butter delivered every week. Fishermen bring their catch early in the morning from Artek Bay, and gardeners bring vegetables and fruit from the garden, and cooks take freshly baked bread from the oven.

The main peculiarity of Thyssen House restaurant is organic products. For breakfast you can have an omelet made of eggs from our own farm, home-made ryazhenka (fermented baked milk) and yogurt with living lactics, tasty syrniki (cottage cheese pancakes) made of home-made cottage cheese, cup of aromatic coffee with fluffy pastry, jams and preserves.

One of the best view restaurants in Gurzuf with a fantastic view to enigmatic and eye-catching Ayu-Dag Mountain. Every day the sea has a new tone and dark blue sky, and in the evening under the bright stars which can’t be seen in a city, Adalari twin cliffs stare at you from the sea mysteriously; with birdsongs and cicada’s chirping we behold the beauty and excellence of the Universe.