• We take home milk and eggs, meat, poultry, cheese and cottage cheese for cooking at our restaurant. Pekin roasted duck or rack of lamb won’t leave anyone untouched.

    Our household is growing and being developed. Last year we gathered the first harvest of giant olives, another hundred of chickens and 57 ducklings hatched out, and 10 kilos pumpkin has grown. We are pleased to share our development and fruit of our labor.

    Crimean land is very fertile and enables us to grow the tastiest in Yalta beef tomatoes, the sweetest peaches, the tastiest strawberries and much more.

    We’d like to mention the drinks. Spring water is always on the restaurant’s tables, we indulge our guests with fruit-drinks, compotes, home-made juices; freshly squeezed juices and smoothies are undoubtedly specialties of the restaurant. For those who like strong drinks we prepared various nastoikas: khrenovukha (horseradish nastoika), limoncello, herbs and berries nastoikas, liquer and brandy.

    We invite all guests and friends of our hospitable household to taste various nastoikas based on the natural purest samogon and, of course, to like our Facebook page International Association of Samogon Fans