Thyssen House is a hotel, restaurant, garden with fruit trees, vegetables and berries, vineyard, SPA, comfortable house and summer cottage by the sea, secluded castle on a hill and place where the best friends meet.
House and home, fine cuisine (only natural products), soft bed, comfort and European service – we’ve arranged all that for you.

Truthfully yours, Thyssen family
Everything for a family vacation, romantic weekend, business meeting. Rooms facing the sea and Ayu-Dag Mountain, restaurant with fine cuisine, shady cypress grove and fruit garden, lounge terrace for meeting with friends and family celebrations, SPA, swimming pool, beach, the clearest sea on the Southern Coast of Crimea, unique recreation program.
A perfect getaway from the fuss and everyday routine. To blend into the environment, make a pause, close your eyes and find yourself in a fairy-tale grooving and enjoying your time of bliss. Thyssen House is a fabulous castle in the cozy part of Gurzuf.
Freedom and luscious air woven of thousands of aromas and sea surf, secluded oasis of flowers, herbs and home comfort

Vacation in Gurzuf is like a journey to the magic dreamland which beauty enslaves hearts and heats imagination… and this dreamland is called the Southern Coast of Crimea. Home-like Thyssen House has opened its doors with special hospitality there.

This fabulous castle is like an islet hidden from the fuss and crowd. It is buried in coolness of the old-time cypress grove and attracts you to enjoy the silence and solitude. Only during your vacation at Thyssen House you fall asleep with the warbling of the nightingale and awake from the play of the light on the snow-white bed-linen and breathing of the sea breeze. Thyssen House combines an excellent service quality and the best hospitality traditions. We work to make your holidays unique and hope you would like to come to Yalta on the Black Sea coast to visit our place again.

We invite you to the unique eco-hotel in the cozy nook of Gurzuf, Crimea. Here the elite recreation goes with high service level, makes our guests feel on the top of the world and gives some unforgettable impressions of their vacation in Yalta. Thyssen House is a 4-star eco-hotel and restaurant. Comfortable small hotel with restaurant, swimming pool, baths, SPA and gym.

Thyssen House is located in the protected area of Gurzuf - one of the most ecologically friendly parts of the Crimea. Here the air is like the best medicine from the illnesses and rigors of life. Surrounded by the age-old cypresses, pine trees and cedars you can have a natural oxygen cocktail day-and-night steeped with salubrious sea breeze. Even your brief stay at our hotel will refresh you, fill you with new vital power and give you serenity and calm. Come to our place for a holiday in Yalta.

Thyssen House is very likely to be the best hotel in Gurzuf. There are 12 themed rooms each having a unique style, but being knitted by the homely coziness, soft bed linen (natural fabrics), ravishing views from the balconies to the sea, Artek Bay, Ayu-Dag Mountain and Adalari Rocks, evergreen cypress grove and park buried in flowers almost all the year round. Thyssen House holds family celebrations and weddings, it is so convenient when only your company stays at the hotel and has the celebration with close people. Thyssen House is a unique villa in Yalta as if cut out for family celebrations, private seminars and incentive trips. The hotel accommodates up to 36 persons at a time.

After your stay at Thyssen House you’ll rediscover Crimea where everything has been created in harmony with nature. We took the warmth of the Crimean sun, salubrious sea air, strength of the Crimean land; careful use of the original goods enabled us to create a unique place for vacation: only fine cuisine with Crimean products, drinks, pickles, jams made of fruit and berries from our garden, mini-farm, only home meat and fresh Black Sea fish. The hotel is located on the private secured territory of Artek International Child Center which is our good neighbor and reliable partner. We have cooperated with Artek for many years as well as with managers of Children New Wave festival.

Our hotel welcomes guest from the whole world. Primarily our guests appreciate the inimitable style of our hotel, service quality and coziness we provide. The celebrities, movie and TV stars, actors, businessmen and politicians stay at Thyssen House. During 7 years of functioning we received many famous guests: Valeriya, Dima Bilan, Vera Brezhneva, Lev Leschenko, Ivanushki International, Anzhelika Varum, Leonid Agutin, Taisiya Povaliy, Zhanna Friske and many others left their comments in our welcome book.

The staff works 24/7 to make our guests’ holidays in Gurzuf memorable and fulfill your wishes.